A Little Flashback

On May 2017, I wrapped up my final college year. Both academically and athletically on tennis.

College tennis was the toughest and challenging experience I’d ever have. Yet, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else as I grew to become a better person/student/tennis player each day under the guidance of my most-distinguished-tennis-coach.

In the tradition of LCSC tennis team, my most-distinguished-tennis-coach would always make a senior banquet where he invited the whole tennis team members, some of the community members and other people who are involved with the program as well.
Besides having a meal together, he’d usually made a presentation slideshow that introduced (reminisced) the one year that had passed. Also, he’d made all the seniors to come up and say a ‘brief speech’.

And so, he made me to come up (after he said few words about me from ‘Serena’, ‘Eugenie’, and ‘Venus’) and I did my ‘senior speech’. But for me, it was more like – a speechless speech. Not because I had nothing to say or didn’t know what to say. But rather, I had so many things to say about my 3.5 years college tennis journey under one hour speech. (Or so).

So then, I said what I wanted to say. Like, honestly. Or more like, well told lie. (Whichever people would see it). And finally, showed this short film I made that I’d been filming throughout the season to present visually to the people, what I really felt about playing college tennis as a Warrior.

Below is the short film I made throughout my last season!

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