A Small (Kind) Reminder

Being in a process to reach towards the goals that have been wanting to achieve can be truly daunting and intimidating. True, the challenges are real and inevitable. In fact, challenges are what pushes someone to reach their goals eventually at the end.

Yesterday one of my professors shared about the process of writing and the business of writing itself in the publishing field that can be very cruel and heartbreaking. Especially if you write something that is close to your heart and wants to share it with the world, of course, it’ll be heartbreaking if someone rejects it or even not to care to look at it and be interested in it.

It was great to be exposed to the real world, certainly. I realized that it is good to have a certain balance between reality and dreams to achieve in mind. But poor Pisces baby, I reacted with tears as my fear overcame my mind as I was overwhelmed. It was like, wanting to hike up to the top of a mountain. And I’m right at the foot of the mountain, and being showed all the preps, equipment and warnings how to climb it up. Then I look up once more and got frightened because of how high the goal I set up for myself to accomplish. Like, what was I thinking? What am I doing to myself?

But then I remember one time when I was in undergrad, my most-distinguished-tennis-coach wrote something on a board he posted at the tennis center.


I can’t believe how often I missed it and even despised it sometimes (especially when I was so tired to deal with him during practices (haha)).

But here I am, rewiring my mind to keep on going and be thankful once more that I’ve been taught by most-distinguished-tennis-coach. Which it also reminded me of one time I had a conversation with him about my current life in grad school, how the professors are approachable and nice to work with, this was what he replied: “Everyone is nice after experiencing my approach. After dealing with me, you should be able to handle a lot of things in this world.” which of course, how can I not agree with such true and accurate statement like that? Haha.

Anyways, just some thoughts before moving on to do some more works. And to remind myself that it is alright for being not ok, and learn how to overcome it. Be kind and treat yourself. Then move on and keep it going until it’s done.

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