Literary Manifesto

If writing is my religion, then here are some of the credos I manifested that perhaps might help for other people (writers) as well:

  1. Be open-minded.

For me, writing is an act of sharing. We share stories that we care about and want to share with the world. But before we do so, we’re able to write because we have previously received from others: people, stories, experiences, things — life. Therefore, to be able to keep on writing, to stay open-minded is one of the keys to keeping generating the creativities in mind.

  1. Time management: set your priorities.

It wasn’t the first time Julianna Baggott said a fiery speech in class. (Which I’m thankful over and over again that she’s my professor in grad school). But that day was the first time she said the hardest, yet the most essential thing I need to hear as an aspiring writer. Something like this: “Every single book in the library and the bookstore are your competition. No one cares whether you’re published or not. No one even cares whether you write or not. It’s all on you. You have to care about your own work and put time and energy and love into it.”

  1. Read, read, read.

A writer who doesn’t like to read is like a swimmer who doesn’t like water. By reading, learn from it. Take away what’s work for and discard what’s not working.

  1. Be a kind human.

I don’t think no one likes to be around mean, evil people. Or at least I do. But what if those people are very skillful, talented, and successful? Well, then, that’s unfortunate. It’s like Harvey Weinstein’s most recent case.

  1. Be brave. Be mindful.

One of my friends once said to me; “I know you can be a great writer but you need to let yourself embrace life. Go and live it. Then you will write about it. The best stories are those told from the heart.”

  1. Never give up.

Everything has a process, including writing. Harry Potter wouldn’t be born if J. K. Rowling gave up after more than a dozen of rejections. Perseverance, resilience and definitely, confidence, are all the necessary elements in writing process.

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