Moving Forward

For safety purposes, whenever a driver drives, the driver would occasionally check briefly to the rear mirror to see what’s behind the car. For the same purposes, the driver also turns back to check the blind spot whenever the driver was going to take a turn or change a direction.

There I learned, looking back is a part of moving forward.

So here I am, looking back on 2017 in order to moving forward to 2018. There were many great moments in 2017. Both of the happy and the tough times, I’m thankful of them. Because I believe both of the ups and the downs took parts on shaping me as a person that involved with certain people at certain times and places.

There were three parts of my 2017 journey;

  • Jan – May; I finished my college tennis career and graduated with English, Creative Writing degree at Lewis-Clark State College. My thoughts on this part would be exactly the same like my ‘speechless speech’ on my senior speech banquet in front of my tennis coach, teammates, host parents, and LCSC tennis community. There were many things I’m thankful for that part of my life that I won’t trade with anything else. It wasn’t an easy journey, obviously (especially dealing with the kind of tennis coach of mine). But all the experiences I gained at that place, at that time period, and with all the people I encountered with really shaped and helped me to strive to be a better person constantly until today.
  • Jun – Aug; I returned to the summer camp I worked at on summer 2016, Tripp Lake Camp. As an idiot grown up who thought I knew everything, working with younger kids was daunting to the 21 year-old-me. But it made an unexpected turn-out that made me returned to work there. It turned out that I enjoy working with younger kids. I learned that working with younger kids helped me to becoming a better adult. Especially living under the same roof with six 12 year old girls for the whole summer really taught me how to be more responsible and caring to myself and to others. The fellow counselors, the admins and of course — the campers; the green bunks, the blue sky, the crystal lake under the bright sun, the bubbled place, Promised Land; and the time — summer is always a great time in many ways, especially the sunny and bright weather, Tripp Lake Camp made its way to have a special place in my heart.
  • Sep – Dec; I moved to Vermont to take MFA in Writing & Publishing at Vermont College of Fine Arts. Going for a master’s degree wasn’t particularly I’ve always planned like how I had planned to play tennis for college in the U.S, but as I discovered many things in literary field on my undergrad, I decided to give it a go. Again, it wasn’t easy at all. I often had doubts as I was going through it about whether I made a good choice or not. But it turned out that I found the community I’ve always longed for since my junior year of undergrad, a supportive literary community. All the faculties are really helpful and inspiring to me as a student and a writer. Also surprisingly, I’ve made pretty great friends too who I can always share ideas, thoughts, jokes, laughs, and memes with.

Now, since the front window is bigger than the rear mirror, here’s to moving forward to 2018. *cheers*

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