I went to SMA Seruni Don Bosco Pondok Indah, a private high school in Jakarta, Indonesia.When I was in my sophomore year, my Bahasa Indonesia teacher assigned the class to narrate a story in a video format. Form a group, select a story and shoot the video. That was the only instruction given. Without I realized at the time, it was basically like making a film.

Without knowing how a film can be made, a group of friends and I narrated a story anyways and shot it with a video recorder. As a MacBook user, my only available tool at the time was iMovie. Here’s the part that got me intrigued in filmmaking, is the editing; combining several footages to create a whole new visual narration. That’s the whole beginning how I’m interested in filmmaking.

Here are some of the short films I’ve made so far:

A Trip to Seattle (Nov 2017)

A Maze-ing Corny Apple Picking Day / Short Film (Oct 2017)

Life of a College Tennis Athlete in a Season: LCSC Tennis 2017 / Short Film (May 2017)


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